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The Courageous Career Membership
Are you frustrated with the status quo?
Tired of work that does not feed your soul or the bigger picture of your life's design?

Looking for a way to create more impact with the massive time suck that can be your job? 

Ready to part with monotonous routines, stodgy leadership and irrelevant political hoops to jump through? we were not all made for the circus, even if we all love to visit  one every now and again.

Do you want more autonomy and more say in what happens to you, your function or business unit, and the organisation as a whole?

Join the Courageous Career Membership
for just £25.00 per month

Get started today on shaping the career that represents who you are and what you stand for.

This is a career transition membership, yet it’s so much more - It’s a system to transform a mundane existence into one of excitement, purpose, and meaning, depending on your risk appetite. 

Make a bold move. Work with me if you agree with the below.
Do you agree with the statements below?

A career is not your life, A career serves your quality of life. 
One of the most moving pandemic experiences came from a random Facebook group called “the view from my window”. Through the pictures, the comments and the rapid growth to 2 million members in just a few months, it became clear that there’s a deeper fire burning inside many, and that a person’s quality of life is perhaps their greatest driver for any action. 

Your job does not give you a legacy, it's what you do in the job that does this. 
Our world today has created positions and behaviours that denote significance and prestige, based on where you went to school, the brands you worked for, wear, drive, use, or talk about. Carrying the legacy of another great brand does work for your career, but what about “brand you”? Build a convincing digital footprint and brand that represents you and the legacy you want to create. 

Once you’ve got the new job, the career transition work really begins. 
Many breathe a sigh of relief when they’ve nabbed a new role, then they settle in for the ride, onboarding, learning the ropes, doing all the things one does when they are the new kid on the block. The real strategic work however begins the minute you know the job you’re are going to do and the team you’re working with, and how you navigate that period will determine your trajectory in the company you’re in.

The 9 Step CT Scan (TM)
This system is tried and tested - supporting Consulting Partners, Heads of Supply Chain, Heads of CSR ....

Whether you want more money, more autonomy, more purpose, more Joy, more achievement, or more free time, this 9 Step Career Transition Scan (9 STEP CT SCAN ) will take you through all the phases to plan and execute your most courageous career move yet. 

The membership will support your career transition decisions, no matter your current situation. It starts with where you are right now, reflects on where you came from, and charts a course to where you want to go next. Within 6 months, you’ll be using your unique voice and viewpoint on the world to shape your role, influence your teams and drive a legacy worthy of remembering. You’re in control, and I’ve got your back.

Part 1 - Choose you, before you choose the job

Map Out Where You Are - You are here Time to raise the anchor.

Start with the facts. What you’ve accomplished. What scope, scale and context you’ve worked in. what skills you’ve accumulated, and what those skills are worth to where you want to be. Doing a deep dive on the Unique You Factor will help you anchor yourself for the potentially tough choices ahead, fuelling the courage to step forward. 

Succession Planning  - Plan your escape with every precision
Part of your legacy building is what and whom you leave behind. Discover how to effectively set the scene for a smooth transition while becoming the absolute conductor of your career future. The better the execution the greater the opportunities you unlock for what’s next. 

Next Step Plan - Get the  to unlock your next opportunity
Become the obvious next choice for the role you have in mind. Develop your methodology for selecting the right next step and path for your growth, then craft the strategies that will see you step naturally into that space. 

Job Strategy & Execution - (Hint, this is what you are used to seeing in every other job course ever.) You have to do the dance.  
This section is the basics that you need to get right, and we’re definitely covering them because they need to be done, Yet this isn’t the bit that will differentiate you once you find the opportunity you seek. You are going to be creating a powerful active and engaged network, managing recruiter relationships and getting the right ingredients from your experiences to build out a compelling CV for that specific job that gets you shortlisted. You’re also going to be interview ready.

Digital Brand Building - Brighten your star 
If you’re monitoring trends in the future of work, you’ll know already how important it is to have a noteworthy digital brand and footprint. Get clear on what you’re known for offline and represent that and your other interests online. Build the know, like, trust factory that will get you recommended and referred, so future jobs find you.

Part 2 - Don’t settle, take up space at your new table

Personal & Professional Systems - Be the one that makes them say - She really knows her shizzle! 

This is the magical USP of this course. We all have a personal playbook, but we seldom think about it. Learn how to identify, document and improve your playbook so you become the most likely to succeed, and the automatic choice for the next promotion within your first 90 days. 
This here is the game-changer that transforms you from knowing what to do to owning it, and shaping the legacy you want to create.

Onboarding - your positioning is everything.
Many fail at this stage because they think onboarding is about learning the technical aspects of the role. Onboarding is far more nuanced, and clever navigation allows you to gain strategic leverage for the early decisions you will need to make on the job. 

Review your Models. - its time to execute 
Bring all the learning, communicating and relationship building home with this next step, taking a fresh look at your playbook, based on all that you’ve learned. 

Make Your Pitch. -  Its time to sell them on your ideas 
For the success you’ll no doubt need to achieve in your new role, you’re going to need investment, and you’re going to be competing with the projects and plans of others. Choose what to pitch, and make a compelling pitch and you set your success up as early as possible.

We are ready to go, just waiting for you.

The pre-course masterclass for this course has made waves in several communities for how daringly different it is. The masterclass has been supported by the Techy Accountant, the ACCA WNN network and the Women Tech Network. Here's some of the feedback received:

The Techy Accountant

We recently hosted Katherine as a guest speaker at The Techy Accountant submit and her delivery was flawless.

She came prepared and her materials regarding career coaching were unconventional and practical. She also demonstrated she has wealth of knowledge when it comes to business management. I look forward to more collaborations with you. Thank you once more, Katherine for making the summit a huge success!

WTGC2021 Working Group

Katherine Byam's 9 Step Career Transition Model is one of the presentations to watch for people moving with transferable skills from non-tech roles into tech.


Appointed as one of the career coaches for 2021

Stay on track with accountability. Moving forward requires action from you. Each month you’ll have a milestone of completion that you’ll have tangible evidence of if you consistently do the work. Share your progress with the group.

  • Zoom Session hotseats (discuss your cv or other challenges)
  • What's App Community
  • Facebook Community
  • The Space Where Ideas Launch - Learning Portal
  • Regular Check ins

Career Leaders Give their Advice

Get so much more for less, with extra masterclasses, that will polish off rough edges and knowledge gaps. We’ll be dipping into these areas with experienced career professionals from my vast professional network:

  • Leading Remote Teams - Managing your teams in this new hybrid space - based on the latest research
  • Managing Change - Exploring Agile, project, and innovation teams Technology & Integration - The latest technologies in finance, marketing and operations. 
  • Sustainable design - the latest thinking on sustainability and regenerative methods, and the impact these are having on business decision making. 
  • Managing up and down - there has been a massive shift in the role of the middle manager. Let’s understand this, and navigate it 
  • General Management - balancing mixed portfolios and focusing your time for maximum benefit. Consulting & Partnerships - getting into consulting and the skills needed for success today. 
  • Public Service - Getting into NGOs
  • Pivoting within your company - how to leverage your skills across multiple functions

Experts give their guidance

There'll also be guest experts to interact with and ask questions to in a more intimate setting including: 

  • Learning Management Skills - so you can optimise your time and focus on the critical path 
  • Negotiating & Persuading ( including salaries) - the path to getting more of what you want, in less time. 
  • Positive Psychology - managing your mindset for success. 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness - proven to reduce stress and unlock better patterns of rest and sleep. 
  • Public Speaking - positioning your brand with the sound of your voice. 
  • Writing for social media - building your thought leadership and authority
  • Personal Branding & Style - connecting the desktop work on your digital brand with your in-person image. 
  • Green Tech Start-Ups - What’s new and how revolutionary will this sector be for your business
  • Data Analysis - The basics for those less comfortable with this
  • DEI - Understanding your biases, and those of others around you. 

 This membership will give you community, and the ability to bounce ideas off your peers, as well as accountability throughout the journey. 

 Not all of the additional masterclasses will take place in the first 6 months, but we will certainly prioritise those that are mission-critical for getting you the next role. 

 You’re welcome to stay in for as long as you like, Fresh content is updated monthly, and the methodology itself will be reviewed every quarter.

About Katherine Ann Byam

Hi, I'm Kathy, and I’m a business resilience consultant and strategic partner to leaders on sustainability, ESG, leadership and digital transformation for marketing and operations. 

I started off in work-life as an accountant, because at the time, I thought it would bring me a fat wallet, and the ability to buy everything I ever wanted while doing something that seemed so simple to me.

 By age 27, I had enough and decided to pursue my other interests. 
I’ve always been a polymath, insatiably curious, and I took my interests into internal audit, which took me on a trip around the world every 3 months or less, reviewing how the business worked, the integrity of our business processes, and most importantly how culture impacts the workplace.

 I became a fan of accelerated learning in those days, with skills I picked up both on the job and from the different cultures I interacted with. 

 When I moved to the UK, I thought it was an opportunity to jet-set my way up the corporate ladder, but the exposure I had to new cultures, new knowledge, time in supply chain and change management, travel experiences and my MBA gave me the push I needed to make a more meaningful pivot to where I am today. 

My work includes:

Business resilience & strategy consulting including ESG. 
Sustainable business development for SMEs 
Career and high-performance leadership coaching for executives
Process analysis and optimisation for supply chain and finance teams
Social advocacy on decent work and economic growth
Organic Growth Methods via LinkedIn


I now spend my free time between the south coast of England and the west coast of France, enjoying writing as a creative outlet - and I've got some huge book projects underway!
Katherine Ann Byam
Founder & CEO of Dieple Consulting
Consultant Career & Business Coach
What my Clients say
This is the first membership I'm running, but here are a few case studies from previous one to one clients:
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What's different about this programme - There are so many blogs, and vlogs out there already, why is this different?
    The course comes from a very practical place of years of experience, coupled with an avid interest in innovation, sustainability and all the tech that's changing our world. I held a successful 6 figure corporate career and I achieved what I wanted from the corporate world before I decided to make the leap and massive pivot into entrepreneurship. I made the leap to live by what I valued, which pretty much makes me an authority on the subject: -) I also hang out in spaces that are shaping our collective future, so you benefit from a wealth of new knowledge and vast experience!
  • What if I join and my circumstances change, can I drop out?
    You receive a full refund no questions asked if you change your mind in the first 14 days.

    if you've joined monthly, you can cancel the membership and enjoy the remainder of the time you've already paid.

    If you've joined on the 1-year option and something changes, reach out and speak to me so we can work out the best solution.
  • Will I receive one to one coaching in the programme?
    This is by nature a group programme, but you will receive direct feedback on your CV or any questions you ask during training sessions, live Q&As and the Hot seats which allow you to be the centre of attention for a maximum time of 15 minutes.
This is for you if...

  • Your boss is either like Michael or Dwight from the Office (American version).
  • You want to grow but you suspect that the organisation you’re in won't give you what you deserve in terms of scope, challenge and authority. 
  •  You didn’t do a good job negotiating when you took up your previous role, and you find that your salary is woefully lagging behind peers within and outside of your company. 
  • You have values, and interests which no longer align with the company you work in. 
  • You struggle with finding the time to spend on self-development and learning. 
  • You’re not getting things done consistently to your own standard, and perhaps to the standard of your present line manager. 
  • You are uncomfortable with the games that some of your colleagues play that seem to get them opportunities faster than you.
  • You are new to your organisation and still learning the ropes, but you are not sure how to navigate the conversations needed to have the opportunities come your way, in the context you are in.
  • Your boss is the archetype of one or all of the characters of Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston or Colin Farrell in horrible bosses part one, and you've had enough. 

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