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Leverage Your Strengths Programme

On my 9 Step Career Transition Map, Leverage your strengths is right at the beginning: Map out where you are. 

It seems like a step we should take for granted. 

It's a 10-minute exercise to write down what everyone can see.

  •  I have a great job.
  • I work for a big company.
  • I'm doing alright financially.
  • My family is taken care of.

Yet that list, is the same for a range of personal experiences, from those who struggle with their mental health or feel bullied at work, to those who thrive on challenges and push themselves to exhaustion, to those who excel, receive regular recognition, and gain rapid promotions.

We need to dig deeper to know what's really going on.

What differentiates people's experiences of work and the workplace?

Why do some people appear to excel, while others feel average, or less worthy of success?

Mapping out where you are is so much more than a 10-minute checklist.

Leverage your strengths is the deepest personal work that I do with my clients.

We get really under the hood, to reveal the why behind every success and learning opportunity that you believed was pivotal in your life and career, so we can learn from them, leverage them, and grow far more quickly than when we are numb to the very existence of our hidden truths.

What my clients get from this programme

This programme is the first step that unlocks all the potential for breakthroughs afterwards.  I am promoting this programme first because it's harder to get the results, in the other 9 steps of the programme, without acknowledging the power that lies here first.

In this programme, I work alongside you to Identify your base motivations.

In our past actions, successes and failures, that we can learn the most about ourselves. Mining our own data helps us connect with our intuition, and understand more of what it's telling us, and why. Learning to tap into this and use it more in our everyday life gives us more lightness, freedom and decision making ease.
There's another aspect of this that we seldom acknowledge at work which is our boundaries.

We all have boundaries that we do not want to be crossed, yet we often don't enforce them. This service helps to identify what they are and understand the trigger points so we can modify and reset our responses to them where needed, in a way that feels comfortable for us and works for the personality types we interact and collaborate with.
What we are working toward here is creating a pathway to being more of YOU.

This course gives you freedom. It unlocks the limiting, outdated and dull beliefs to allow the more curious, interested and vibrant human being you truly are to emerge.

The Power of Your Story

This is programme is about harnessing the power of your real story. Not the type the comes with the title, but the sort that brings you effortless influence, intrigue, and persuasion power, and maybe even the stoic indifference that fuels those around us to want to learn all that they can about what makes us so fascinating.

By the end of the leverage your strengths process, you would have 

  • Gained more empowerment and self-determination 
  • Tapped into skills that give you the calm confidence of a stoic more often 
  • When needed leveraged your ability to use your strengths with greater impact and gravitas.
  • Take on more challenges with courage, confidence and humility.

The mechanics of it

  • You will receive A digital flow book to help you guide your thoughts, memories and reflections, to begin the journey to tapping into what really matters to you. 
  • We will work together over 4 intensive sessions to help you build your inner core muscles around self-empowerment, purpose and drive. 
  • Provide you with neuro linguistic programming techniques to support you in retaining the skills to remain in a higher state of personal well being.
  • This is an important part of any change process, so embrace it, you would be surprised at how effective it will be when you take up your new role!



As a bonus feature of this package you will receive 12 months access to my courageous career club membership.

Inside the membership I will be training on the 9 step system, offering feedback and answering questions on any aspect of your career journey. 

I will also be inviting experts to speak to you on various aspects of your development, from public speaking, coaching, mindfulness and meditation, positive psychology, getting into consulting, data science, artificial intelligence, ethics, personal branding, becoming a public figure, and many many more.


Katherine has been providing me with career transition coaching, and there are three aspects of Katherine style, which I really appreciate. 

The first is that she comes with a tried and tested approach, template formula. 

What this does is it gives you confidence that you can hit the ground running, and you don't have to wait for multiple sessions before you feel as though you're progressing. 

The second is that she is incredibly flexible. She flexes her style to suit your style, which I find very important. 

She goes and does the research for your personalised situation. So for example, she reads, books, listens to podcasts follows influencers in your network, in order to be flexible in the way in which she coaches your situation. 

Thirdly, which for me, is the most important aspect. I feel and I've never felt this before with a coach but I feel Katherine is my partner. We're on this journey together. 

At the end of every session, we both have actions, we both hold each other accountable. And anywhere I get to on this journey, the success will be a joint one. 

So if you're thinking about a coach, whether it's for transitioning into a new career, whether it's within your current career, what you should do next, or if you are thinking about that entrepreneurial journey or are already on that entrepreneurial journey, I would highly recommend Katherine she is she's pretty exceptional.

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About Katherine Ann Byam

Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) the wing-woman to your genius, is a business resilience and organic growth consultant. 

As a strategic partner to leaders, she helps businesses design and embed effective strategies for resilience and responsible brand stewardship, to deliver outcomes that favour a wider stakeholder view. In consulting she supports sustainable business development, resilience and business transformation projects. 

As a leadership coach, she works one to one with you as you go through any critical leadership changes; career transitions, starting businesses or scaling. Her aim is to address solutions that consider society and environmental resiliency at their core so that her clients preserve their longevity and a fair return for innovation and ingenuity. 

Her brands include Dieple Virtual Services Hub, Where Ideas Launch, Women in Sustainable Business, The Eco-Business Growth Club, Diep Linked Agency Services, and the Courageous Career Club.

Katherine Ann Byam
Founder & CEO of Dieple Consulting
Career & Business Coach

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