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These are the typical questions I get from clients:

I know what I want, but I'm less clear on how to get it. Is it possible to have the same quality of life and a great career somewhere else?


Knowing what you want definitively is half the battle. 

Of course, you can have a great career from where ever you are, staying at your current company or moving to newer pastures. 

The key is to be decisive about your job search process, taking action to research, model, shape and clarify your tactics and strategies for getting exactly what you want. I support you with getting the structure and approach right from the start, so your results are more reliable whether you are working on an internal transition or an external one.

Let's craft your plan together.


Where should I focus my efforts?


Not every job is right, and you know that. What you're struggling with is the research to find the right jobs and companies to approach, that give more of what you value, and less of what you don't.

 There are ways to improve your research approaches to find the companies that are right for you.


What if there are gaps in my skill sets? The market is rapidly changing, and I'm concerned about my ability to learn fast enough.

Use your fear to forge forward. The ability to learn and acquire new skills as adults over 30 is different, and understanding the differences will unlock momentum for you. Instead of sitting in fear of what you don't know, decide what you are passionate about. Uncover new areas to explore which will complement your strengths and all that you already know. I'll show you how to not only get excited about change and learning but how to make time for it as well.

The challenges business and the planet face today require old skills and new, and an incredible passion to make things happen, bravery to imagine that we can reshape the way we live and work. You've got that in you. show it.


I think I may have hit a ceiling what do I do?


As traditional classical businesses cut back and go further into efficiency driving engines to optimise old product lines, maybe you think there is no longer a path to growth. I both agree and disagree with this line of thinking. The services and products that are paying the bills at larger and older companies need to be made more efficient - for both the planet and their business results. 

Yet for those companies to have a future, they need to be innovating, and that's where our human future sits. There is also an abundance of opportunity in startups working on health tech, green tech or social enablement. We fail as a planet if we do not re-engineer the social side of the story, so there are tonnes of opportunities to innovate in this space. 

This service helps you map out your career search plan.

VIP Career Strategy Intensive - The Skills for the Search

With this system you'll receive:

  • 1-hour pre-planning session, to review where you are, your goals and the criteria sought after in your industry today
  • 2 hours of my time in reviewing your CV and LinkedIn, and recommending and creating specific revisions based on my knowledge of your industry and specific research into what's working now.
  • 3 hours of one to one intensive work to shape your job search plan
  •  Access to me via voice message and text for up to 1 month.
By the end of our intensive work, you will:
  • Position your job search strategically to get more traction internally or externally depending on your goal.
  • Build more confidence in translating your skills into modern-day demands, and gap analysis to focus your relearning plans.

About Katherine Ann Byam
Katherine Ann Byam
Founder & CEO of Dieple Consulting
Career & Business Coach

Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) is a business resilience coach and strategic partner to leaders championing sustainable change for their businesses stakeholders. 

She collaborates with small and medium-sized businesses and social organisations to address solutions that consider society and environmental resiliency at their core while preserving economic growth and a fair return for innovation and ingenuity.

She also coaches leaders to connect with a greater purpose and design fulfilling career experiences in an evolving digital and complex landscape.

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