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This service is for you if:

You find yourself in constant sales and link posting mode.

You are not reaching your week to week and month to month targets.

You need a business cycle that is not 24/7

You don't know how to manage the constant stream of content creation that your business seems to demand.

You want help to build an actionable 90-day plan that delivers results.

Step up to your place as the modern day sustainable hero

If you are doing these things, I recommend that you pause now, and reflect on where you want to go.

  • Are you the invisible hands behind your product? If I said you are hiding behind your brand, would there be truth to this?
  • Are you determined to have organic growth but not getting organic traction? Are you getting traction from your audience beyond your very close friends and family?

It's time to take a look at your platforms, the quality of your messaging, and what suits your business best.

Let's build your 90-day plan together.

Let's make the most of your strengths 
Sign up for this affordable bargain and you will get:

A link to fill out to tell me a bit about your business.
An audit of your social media presence, and recommendations on where you could direct your efforts
A personalised walkthrough of all the resources that are relevant to you from the membership.
Together we will build your next 90 days plan.
As a bonus, in 2 weeks we will have a follow-up session to talk about your road map and implementation.

My commitment to you
You work hard to earn every cent you have, and you shouldn't have to blow it on bad service.
I commit to respecting your goals, your interests, and your time with this service, and supporting you based on what's most important to you.

Together we are going to crack your sales goals.
About your Host - Katherine Ann Byam

Hi, I'm Katherine Ann Byam, business resilience consultant and strategic partner to leaders on sustainability, ESG, leadership and digital transformation for marketing and operations. 

I'm a polymath, insatiably curious, and an advocate for Diversity Equity & Inclusion in all aspects of planetary life. 

 I spend my time between the coasts of England France, enjoying writing as a creative outlet. 

 My Work includes: 

Business resilience & strategy consulting including ESG.

Sustainable business development for SMEs

Career and high-performance leadership coaching for executives

Process analysis and optimisation for supply chain and finance teams 

Social advocacy on decent work and economic growth 

Organic Growth and Business Development using LinkedIn

I focus on small and medium-sized businesses on their digital transformation in both marketing and operations, with a sustainability lens. I work with a team made up of a former CIO turned Data Scientist, a social media manager, and a virtual assistant.

Kathy is such a critical part of my team, her insight, broad knowledge, sustainability mindset and leadership skills are all well received with the whole team at IATQB. Thank you Kathy for being my strategic wing woman on social and business development! 

Dani Wallace
Public Speaking & Business Coach and Founder of the Fly Any Way Foundation

Kathy's Audit was a game-changer! Her attention to detail and depth of research was amazing - she presented a full audit of where I was seen, what I needed to work on and how to start becoming more visible, both on LinkedIn and in the wider SEO. Her approach is sustainable, and authentic - no flashy sales gimmicks here! Her knowledge of the ins- and outs-, and the current trends is encyclopaedic. Highly recommended if you are serious about getting traction on LinkedIn - for ALL the right reasons.

Kate Davis
Leadership Coach

Katherine really took the time to find out about me and my businesses. She dug deep into the marketing strategies for my businesses and personalised the insights she gave. I have spoken to other LinkedIn professionals in the past and they have always used a "one formula for everyone" method, simply sharing details of best practice but not really linking a proper LinkedIn strategy to the rest of my business marketing methods. I think anyone that is looking to fast track their success and maximise the impact on their business via LinkedIn should definitely speak to Katherine.

Sarah Stephens
Consultant and Travel Services Advisor

Having worked with Katherine during her time as a finance professional, witnessing what she has accomplished since then in igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in so many across the globe is truly impressive. Doing this in a fast paced virtual environment that is not always sympathetic to "newbies" is a testament to what she is all about. Guiding persons from all walks of life in identifying creative ways to find a voice while building personal brands that deliver the outcome they seek. My "Wingwoman" as I call her, delivers a level of service and support that gives you the confidence that someone trustworthy is in your corner. Someone who will do what is necessary to ensure you have the correct tools to give you that PUSH in your career transition, actualisation of a new business idea or tips on curating that online presence that is dressed for success.

Jason Fournillier
Push Media

Katherine is the real deal. Her drive, energy, support and guidance are incredible. I feel more able to tackle the challenges my business faces with her cheering me on. Her advice is invaluable and she genuinely cares about me as well as as my business, which is hugely important as a self-employed person. Katherine helps problem solve as well as helping steer me in new directions...and even pushes me to get out of my comfort zone which is a huge positive for me as I need that. Also, as sustainability is incredibly high on my agenda, having someone who cares as much as I do is vital to help me achieve my goals in that area too. I cannot recommend Katherine enough to anyone.

Cathy Mears-Martin
Author and Sustainability Consultant

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