Net Positive Business Impact Planning Workshop!
Get into Gear - For Net Positive Impact
in 2022!!

Hi Community! 

Building a business that's fit to scale, create net positive impact, and provide the required returns for its founders takes systems thinking, commitment and a willingness to go beyond what's currently possible.

 In this 2 day workshop, we cover: 

 You as the CEO: 

 Looking at all the drivers in your life and fine tuning them for the right balance for you. 

Looking at your business: 

Your Business model, Impact model, marketing strategy, operations, branding and sales to optimise for Net positive results. 

 This session is an opportunity to pull it all together, as well as find ways to shift the blocks that may be holding you back from making it all come to life for you. 

 WEEK 1: (Friday 3rd June 2022 - 14:00 - 17:00 GMT) THE MINDSET OF THE CEO 

 We will cover techniques to get you from where you are now mentally, to where you need to be to achieve your business goals. 

 WEEK 2: (Friday10th June 2022 - 14:00 - 17:00 GMT) NET POSITIVE BUSINESS 

We will look at your business and impact plan, and critique it, looking for both opportunities and risk, and provide resources for assessment and measurement. 

 This workshop is designed to influence the mindset of the CEO of your business, in the new and emerging world where hope lives in having a net positive impact. 

 These sessions will not be recorded - you have to attend live.

Live on 3rd and 10th June 2022 from 14:00PM GMT for up to 3 Hours

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Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) is the wing-woman to your genius, and a business resilience / organic growth consultant.

As a strategic partner to leaders, she helps businesses design and embed effective strategies for responsible brand stewardship, to deliver outcomes that favour a wider stakeholder view.

In consulting she supports sustainable business development, resilience and business transformation projects.

Her brands include Dieple Virtual Services Hub, Where Ideas Launch, Women in Sustainable Business, The Eco-Business Growth Club, Diep Linked Agency Services, the Courageous Career Club and the WW Executive business club.