Tier 1 LinkedIn Transformation Take Flight
If you have a LinkedIn account that you are not using well, you’re leaving money, impact and growth on the table, from a growing B2B marketplace, and from the individuals and businesses on LinkedIn who are looking for a tailored service from you.

LinkedIn is ranked #1 on trust among all social media, according to business insider so it's definitely worth consideration in your strategy.

Marketers using the platform report that 80% of their business is generated here.

There are more than 720 million users, and around 675 million are active monthly users on the platform. 40% of active monthly users are active daily users.

Only 3 million users post regular content – All these other users are consumers. WOW! A ready-made audience, just for those who are willing to stand out!

Katherine is super knowledgeable with LinkedIn and dives deep into your business objectives and knows just how to point you in the right direction in a language you understand.

Toni Frost
CEO Esquiress & Celebrant
Let me know if any of these resonate with you.

  • You’ve done a tonne of courses on social media and audience building most haven’t paid back a ROI. 
  • You’ve heard all these gurus promising huge returns if you follow their proven strategy, but you now know that it’s better to cut your own path forward, with some fundamentals in place that you can build on. 
  • You’ve not had many sales from LinkedIn, but you know you have a service offer that works for your clients. You are concerned though that Linkedin might be too corporate, or may trigger some imposter syndrome for you.

Katherine has so much knowledge about LinkedIn. I love her personal approach and the detailed feedback that she shared with me. As with all things, there is not one size that fits all and Katherine really takes the time to understand you and your business before offering recommendations. Highly recommend.

Sarah Cooke
High Performance Business & Marketing Strategist
Here’s the thing. You need to be in the LinkedIn arena because it’s through the punches you learn to
pivot shift and counter.
Connect with a high net worth network willing to invest in your services, or champion your causes.

Create opportunities to build a customer base that offers healthy retainers for your services or consulting.

Direct access to the Leaders you really want to work with, and as importantly, who want to work with you!

Elevated authority and status in your area of expertise, including benefiting PR opportunities

Demonstrable value from your efforts on the platform.
Let's build a magnetic profile, generate inbound enquiries, and capture the market for your work, on
This will be 3 in-depth recorded sessions that dive into detail on The PAYOUT Method ()

Profile and Positioning:

I’ll support you in developing a LinkedIn profile that appears in searches on Google, Bing and Linked In. Once you’re found, I’ll help you create the brand experience on the platform that helps people communicate and connect with you, and invite others to your world.

Adaptation and Audience:

Despite what you may have heard, there is a right and wrong way to speak on LinkedIn, which differs from other social platforms. Here we dive into the message craft that will get more people engaging on your work.

You and your data:

I’ll help you build a strategy to get your LinkedIn social selling index (the score that LinkedIn uses to assess how you show up on the platform) where it needs to be, so you unlock more hidden features on the platform.


Demonstrate how to tap your network, and construct a plan with knowledge of how to leverage inbound lead generation, & outbound lead generation to deliver on your goals.

User Insights

No one seems to talk about the data, but it is the lifeblood of what you are doing in this digital reality we live in. I’ll walk you through what to track.


What offer, and how to talk about your offer, and get clients to engage with your products and programmes.

You will also receive:

A Copy Writing Masterclass, delivered by my copy coach Lewis Dalton.

Lifetime access to my hotpress: a private newsletter that gives you up to date and current strategies/ launches and shifts that the platform is making, and how to take advantage of them.

OMG! honestly thank you so much Katherine for the linkedin session today! hand on heart the best one ever! I am buzzing! Never thought i’d be so excited to get moving on linkedin! I had a profile and left it alone as never thought i’d need to do anything with it and didn’t really know what to do! you made me go from ‘meh, never mind’ to ‘Omg, going to fix my bio and edit linkedin now before I get up from here! This session was pure gold and I am so grateful to you for doing this with me

Sheeba Dhallu
The only Egg Artist in the UK
Are you aware of your social selling score?
check it out here. 
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I'm supporting multi 6 figure Business and Speaking Coach - Queen Bee Dani Wallace and the IATQB 

What Kathy's doing for me out on Linkedin is nothing short of amazing, she's helping me build my authority in completely new spaces, generating leads, collaborations, and new prospects every week! She's brilliant and IATQB is so pleased to have Kathy on the team!

Dani Wallace
Fearless Leader of the I am the Queen Bee Movement

I've supported Deep Bajwa in her most recent Launch of Step up to Sell as her LinkedIn coach and expert for both the course and her Luxury Membership.

Katherine's knowledge of LinkedIn is incredible! She provided sessions and audits for my sales course students and the feedback has been immense off the back of her input. Kathy continues to give to my community and as such has built up so much trust with them that I know they will continue to turn to her for everything LinkedIn for a long time yet! - Thank you Kathy for everything!

Deep Bajwa
The Well Heeled Coach
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