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LAND - 90 Day Strategy Advisory

Congratulations on Your new role!

You already know you have what it takes to grow this new role into the best you've ever had. 

It's the perfect acknowledgement of the genius you've built, and the learning you continue to do!

This is a time of tremendous change and personal achievement, and there is wisdom in giving yourself a boost when the learning curve and the pressure to perform is at it's highest.

You want to have an edge, be ahead of the game, and be proactive in crafting the role, the business outcomes, and the employee experiences that will lead to goal attainment.

Your First 90 Days

Your vision

The vision you have in mind for the team and organisation is clear, as well as the contribution you want to make and the legacy and impact you want to have.  

You understand what the organisation expects, and where they are going. What you need to build now is the path to get there. It's the grey stuff in the middle, where there are many routes to a goal, and the route chosen has to work within your core value set. 

The first job before you get going is to map out that landscape of starting points, end game, and the mucky middle.

Your First 30 Days

As you settle into the organisation, you are mapping out your territory relative to your team, your peers, your boss, your suppliers and your customers and other interest groups. 

This is about learning the context and relational landscape, gaining awareness of how well the organisation mirrors its messaging to its execution, and what really matters here. 

The quality of your questions and the depth of your curiosity are bankable skills during this phase. You need to make the best use of your status of being new while maintaining the authority and competence you've built from your past assignments as you engage with the wider team. It's a delicate balance, but it's the clever and the curious questioners that seize the day,  not usually the bullish overconfidence. Crafting your quiet leadership in the first 30 days will bring you the greatest benefit.

Your First 60 Days

By the end of your first 60 days, you want to have landed your first major win. It can be support for a new project, positioning a new service to attract new clients or securing the resources needed for changes already in progress. You want to map this out so that it is supported by those who need it. It's your negotiation, communication and persuasion skills that will become most useful here.

Your First 90 Days

At the end of the first 90 days, you are no longer the new kid on the block. You want to have established the type and brand of leader that you are. You are not working toward being an expert in operations, you are striving to be a leader that creates positive change throughout the organisation with the potential for further growth. 

You would have grown skills, built your knowledge and crafted systems that make your team cutting edge and a model for the wider organisation.

I can help you achieve this, invisible, but always at your side.

Unseen yet ever present

I am available to you on tap for the full 90 days of your transition into your new role. 

We will work together to build:

  • Your transition plan
  • The wider context and impact of your role on the organisation
  • Your Engagement Plan
  • An effective onboarding strategy
  • Relationships and networking strategy
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Techniques to improve your EQ and gravitas
  • Your personal playbook
  • Your first pitch
  • A sounding board for any questions or ideas that you have.

There will be 4 structured sessions before you start your new role, and 12 structured sessions, one for each week of being on the new job.

In between, all text, voice mails and emails will be taken and answered - I am at your service.

Don't go it alone. I've got my hands at your back.

In addition to 16 structured hours and unlimited voice notes and texts, you will also receive:

1 Feature-Length article 1000 - 1500 words about your transition and career story.

1 Feature Interview either on my podcast or youtube career show.

Access to all my DIY programmes and my courageous career membership


Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) is a business resilience coach and strategic partner to leaders championing sustainable change for their businesses stakeholders. 

She collaborates with small and medium-sized businesses and social organisations to address solutions that consider society and environmental resiliency at their core while preserving economic growth and a fair return for innovation and ingenuity. 

 She also coaches leaders to connect with a greater purpose and design fulfilling career experiences in an evolving digital and complex landscape.

Katherine Ann Byam
Founder & CEO of Dieple Consulting
Career & Business Coach
The Wing Woman to Your Genius

Katherine has been providing me with career transition coaching. 

There are three aspects of Katherine style, which I really appreciate. 

The first is that she comes with a tried and tested approach, template formula. And what this does is it gives you confidence that you can hit the ground running, that you don't have to wait for multiple sessions before you feel as though you're progressing. 

The second is that she is incredibly flexible. She flexes her style to suit your style, which I find very important. She goes and does the research for your personalised situation. So for example, she reads, books listens to podcasts, follows influencers in your network, in order to be flexible in the way in which she coaches your situation.

Thirdly, which for me, is the most important aspect. I feel and I've never felt this before with a coach but I feel as if Katherine is my partner. We're on this journey together. At the end of every session, we both have actions, we both hold each other accountable. 

Anywhere I get on this journey, the success will be a joint one.

 So if you're thinking about a coach, whether it's for transitioning into a new career, whether it's within your current career, what you should do next, or if you are thinking about that entrepreneurial journey or are already on that entrepreneurial journey, I would highly recommend Katherine she is she's pretty exceptional.


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