Build and scale a business that sustains you and the planet,
and get supported by the best talent along the way!

Where Ideas Launch & The Eco-Business Growth Club Presents:
The EBGC Business Incubator

Amplify your business impact with 12 workshop modules to develop solid and essential business foundations, plus more than 30 other training modules on all social media, Pinterest, Wellness, operations. You name it, we've got you covered!

The modules:

Business, Impact & Operations

Eco Branding

Copy & Conversion


Product Development


Supply Chain



City Farming


Advocacy for Causes

Because business should be good, for you, your community and for the planet.
About Katherine Ann Byam

I'm Kathy, with 20+ years business leadership experience in the FTSE top 10. I walked away from a high paying job, to do more of what matters to me. I hold an MBA in innovation and certificates in ESG and Sustainability from Berkeley and the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership, but more than that, I've committed to this change for the last 3 years and have much to show for it.

1 - Where Ideas Launch - My podcast is in the top 5% globally, has been charted in 79 different charts across 41 countries, and has held the number 1 spot in 5 countries. 

2 - Women in Sustainable Business, my FB community crossed 4000 people.

3 - Where Ideas Launch Instagram community crossed 1700 people.

4 - In 2023 we are launching the WIL Women in Sustainable Business Awards to feature women doing good. 

5 - I'm the author of Do What Matters - The Purpose Driven Career Transition Guide - due out on 22nd July 2022.

I’ve got you covered!


This module will be 3 months long, intense support for your business funding project!

On Funding:

How to assess if you are ready 

Different types of funding (focus on Crowd, Angels and Syndicates)

Pitching your story

Creating your pitch deck

How to find and pitch to investors

You will also receive training on fundamentals of budgeting, accounting, and support with preparing your pitch, because in September we are bringing in some business Angels to hear your pitch!!!

Featured Trainers: Katherine Byam and Neema Amin!

LIVE June - Sept 2022

Here are the deets on the 12 modules:

MODULE 1 - Micro and Small Business Enterprise Business Models and operational planning

Micro and Small Business Enterprise Business Models - Ways to deliver value to yourself as a business owner, and to the wider community as a responsible actor.

This module covers:

Business Models
Impact Models
Operational Planning
Combining different elements to safe guard your business.

Featured Trainers: Katherine Byam and Katy Davies

Available on Demand

MODULE 2 -  Ethical and responsible Brand Stewardship

Module 2 is about that brand identity that supports a conscious business to thrive. We talk about:

    The fundamentals of branding in the ECO space

    Personal Branding
    Marketing for your brand
    Creating Brand Assets

    This module is supported by:
    Gemma Cormack, Yvonne Phillip, Sylvie Barr and Jojo Smith.

    Available on Demand

      MODULE 3 -  Copy & Content for Impact and Conversion

        Writing for impact - we get into:

          Customer Research

          Copy Personas
          The Curiosities of Sale
          Copy Strategy

          This module is led by Katherine Byam & Lewis Dalton

            Available on Demand

              MODULE 4 -  Ethical Selling to Serve

                            No marketing process works without a sales strategy. How are your sales skills?

                In this module, we cover:

                  Sales Process

                  Sales Conversations
                  Choosing your prices
                  Service Quality
                  Sales Mindset
                  Setting up your shops!

                  This module is facilitated by Katherine Byam, Loubie Otto, Deep Bajwa and Katharine Miller

                  Available on Demand

                    MODULE 5 -  Product Development & User Esperience

                    Let's get into product and UX 

                    How to Uncover Customer Secrets
                    Digital Experiences for Products
                    Guided approach to product development

                    This module is led by Sergio Luna

                    Available on Demand.

                    LIVE MODULE 6 -  Finance & Funding

                    Budgeting Like a boss
                    Covering your cashflow management 

                    Funding Approaches
                    Looking into new opportunities for funding

                    Pitching to Investors
                    Knowing how to own it on stage

                    This module is led by Neema Amin and Katherine Byam - it is taught live between 24 June and 30 September 2022

                    LIVE MODULE 7 -  Sustainable Supply Chains & Circular Models

                    Let's get more into product and supply chain!

                    We will cover:

                    Export Expertise
                    Circular Supply Chain Case Studies
                    Supply Chain Strategies
                    Supply Chain Technologies

                    This module is led by Katherine Ann Byam and Bridgete Combrink, and will be covered in October 2022

                    LIVE MODULE 8 -  Organic PR

                    What PR can do to amplify your business

                    Why PR?
                    Media Tools
                    PR Strategies

                    This module is led by Katherine Ann Byam With 2 Guest Experts who are Specialists in Environmental publications coming in to support. Covered in October 2022

                    LIVE MODULE 9 -  Data & Metrics

                    Why is data important, and what to do with it?

                    Here we cover:

                    What to measure and why?
                    Tools to support managing and tracking your data
                    Other Data - Marketing Analytics

                    This module is led by Katherine Ann Byam with special guest experts to support, covered in November 2022

                    LIVE MODULE 10 - Sustainable Living

                    City Farming
                    Austin has so much knowledge to share on ways to improve your sustainability choices, in his community Sustainable Living - The biggest community of its kind on Facebook.

                    He will be sharing his extensive knowledge on growing food inside, for those of us who are city dwellers. Really looking forward to this!

                    This module will be led by Austin Kasso, covered in November 2022

                    MODULE 11 & 12 - Using Linked In to Drive Advocacy and Partnership

                    I'm going to show you how to build for successful advocacy  and partnerships on Linkedin

                    This will be a masterclass specifically designed for sustainable businesses and led by Katherine Ann Byam, and covered in November 2022.

                    Cathy Mears Martin

                    Cathy Mears Martin

                     Katherine is the real deal. Her drive, energy, support and guidance are incredible. I feel more able to tackle the challenges my business faces with her cheering me on. Her advice is invaluable and she genuinely cares about me as well as my business, which is hugely important as a self-employed person. Katherine helps problem solve as well as helping steer me in new directions...and even pushes me to get out of my comfort zone which is a huge positive for me as I need that. Also, as sustainability is incredibly high on my agenda, having someone who cares as much as I do is vital to help me achieve my goals in that area too. I cannot recommend Katherine enough to anyone.


                    Looking for social media SEO modules? We have tonnes of training available on demand on Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Facebook Communities, LinkedIn, Influencers, Canva, Funnels, Copy for Instagram, Ads, Podcasting, Public Speaking and loads more. 

                    If you'd like some Q&A - We will invite a couple of our previous speakers back as well!

                    Suzie Potts
                    “guest sessions have been exceptional, for example, the session about copy and the one on Instagram..... very well presented and articulate.”
                    Do the work. Get the result.

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